Division of Walsh Controls, Inc.


Suggested Specifications

All Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) to be self-contained (as manufactured by American Steam Control). Valve size to be the same as existing radiator valves.Valve Selection: (select valves from table below, meeting the requirements for your particular project application).

Project application

Steam heating system.Problems with tampering can be expected.
Hot water heating systems.Problems withtampering can be expected.
Steam or hot water heating system.No tampering problems are expected.

Recommended TRV

TRV 10 (Fail - close)
Replaceable Unisert 10 containing stainless steel and Teflon disc. When thermostat is broken off or removed valve will fail in a closed position.
TRV 20 (Fail - close)
Replaceable Unisert 20 containing brass seat and EPDM soft disc. When thermostat is broken off or removed, valve will fail in a closed position, allowing approximately 5% of normal flow, for frost protection of the system.
TRV 30
Replaceable Unisert 30 containing stainless steel and Teflon or Viton Disc. When the thermostat is broken off or removed, valve will fail in an open position.
TRV 40
Replaceable cartridge 40 with EPDM soft disc and non-removable integral seat.

TRV control (thermostatic operator) selection

On all unobstructed free standing radiators direct sensing type L controls shall be used. On radiators with enclosures or otherwise obstructed radiators where direct sensing controls are not suitable remote sensing controls shall be used. Manufacturers recommendations shall be adhered to.

Other control options:

Type W controls are smaller in size and may be used where space problems prevent the use of the larger type L controls. Armored capillaries are available for controls with remote sensor. Wall mounted controls with direct or remote sensor are available for wall mounting or mounting on to radiator enclosure. Thermo - electric actuators are available where it is desirable to utilize a room thermostat to control several radiators such as in auditoriums or other large rooms.